Welcome to The Ant HUT. Our mission is simple. Provide formicarium that is expandable, reusable, and environmentally friendly.

As our community becomes more conscious about plastic usage and the effects plastics have on our environment. We decided to avoid acrylic where possible in our designs. Acrylic is a petroleum-based plastic that doesn’t biodegrade and is extremely difficult to recycle. With this in mind, we provide a base unit that is 100% biodegradable and uses easily recyclable plastic for the vision panel in place of acrylic.

The module you buy to found a colony does not just end up in a drawer as the colony grows. Our uniform design allows for ant colony growth in a controlled format minimising wastage.

Every module features

  • Hydration system so you can control exactly where humidity is located within the formicarium.
  • Heat cable management, making laying cable where needed easy.
  • Fully covered design for those more sensitive species.
  • 4-way connection ports. No additional clips or adapters are needed to expand or link the modules.
  • Unique locking design to ensure once together the modules are easier to move and manage.

We also wanted to ensure flexibility with existing and future equipment. So, each module can also be linked using traditional 10mm OD tubing.

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