This product contains a glass insert instead of an acrylic sheet as glass is easy to recycle and therefore in line with our aim. However, it can be fragile outside the module or while removing. The modules have been designed to protect and support the glass. So while in the module it is protected and provides excellent visibility.

However, should you ever wish to remove the glass it is important to follow this process to help prevent breakage.

Obviously, this should only be done by an adult and take appropriate measures to safeguard yourself. While breakage is unlikely. Glass will be sharp if broken.

To remove the glass is simple. Get a plastic pry tool, it will look like the blue tool in the images. They are easy to get hold of. Often included in mobile screen repair kits found in many retailers. They are also available in our store if needed. Don’t use metal tools because they can chip the glass if not applied properly.

Do NOT try to lift the glass from the short sides as indicated with orange arrows, it will break the glass. Instead, lift the edge of the glass in the centre of the long side where the green arrow is. The module sides are designed to flex enough to allow for easy removal.

Place the tip of the pry tool down the edge between the glass and module frame. Gently rest a finger on the glass as you gently pull the pry tool in the direction of the blue arrow. The glass should lift out of the recess. Only gentle pressure is needed.

Clean the glass and while outside of the protective module store in a safe place.

Again this process should only be done by an adult as glass is involved. Common sense 🙂

With the glass removed you can now clean or replace the insert as needed. To replace the glass follow this process in reverse. Remember very little force is needed if you are doing it correctly.

If you do happen to break the glass, during removal don’t worry it is easy and cheap to replace. Simply dispose of it carefully and contact us by email to assist.