In this guide, we will look at the basic method for linking modules together. There are a few ways to plug the ports to stop unwanted escapees. Two are listed below, no method is perfect but we hope this helps.

To add one AntHUT Modular formicarium to another remove the stoppers indicated by the orange arrows. If a colony is already established, place a blocker of cotton wool in the ant side of the open module ports. Or if you don’t wish to add cotton leave the ant side stopper in place until the next step.
Remove the hydration base from the new module.

If this is an addition to an existing nest, make sure the cotton plug is level with the outside edge of the module. To ensure it doesn’t block the new module as it slides on.

Or if you decided not to use cotton, remove the stopper on the ant side as you slide the module down. firmly press the module down until flush.

Now with the module attached, if you used cotton. Remove the stopper aligned with the blue arrow. With a pair of tweezers reach through and pull the cotton stopper out if you are only adding this module then replace the stopper. If you will be adding more modules, just stop level with the new module edge with the cotton, ready to repeat the steps above for each module.

Prep the hydration base with the hydration medium in the area indicated with the green arrow, try to avoid getting medium in the are indicated with the orange arrow.

Align the hydration base below the new module and ensure all 4 corners are positioned correctly as indicated by the green arrows. Now press down carefully until the base clicks into place.

Congratulations you have now linked two or more modules together. With the hyrdation bases attached the modules will be locked together. To seperate the modules just follow this process in reverse. There are some more advanced methods of linking the units together which more perminently binds the modular formicaium together into one large nest, but with will be covered in a different guide.

TIP: If you have a small colony, add two modules together, but leave a cotton stopper in place between them. This way you can easily open up the second module as needed and at the same time add a new spare module ready for the next expansion. This way you will always stay one module ahead of the ants, making it an easy process to link modules.