To convert the standard module into a vertical module follow these steps. First, apply the lid bezel to the front of the module. Making sure the small tab on the inside is on the same side of the module as text. This will be the top of the module.

Now remove the hydration base from the module and empty the hydration medium onto a piece of paper if needed. If this is a new module you don’t need to do this.

With the base empty. Place the L shaped hydration insert into the base. Making sure the cut out is visible from the top as indicated by the arrow.

Pour a little hydration medium into the base, holding it at 10 degrees gently tap the side. To let some of the medium settle into the L inserts slot. Then top up the rest of the base while holding the L insert inplace with a finger.

Finally place the module back ontop and click into place. Repeat for each module.

For the bottom module if you are using the vertical module stand. Remove the port cover and replace it with the black stopper provided. You can now slide the stand onto the module.