Thank you for choosing The AntHUT modular formicarium. In this guide, we will show you the initial transportation mode the modules are shipped in and how to prepare them for use.

On receiving your AntHUT Modular formicarium. It will look like this. The hydration base is used as a protective lid during shipping. This helps protect the glass and the lid handle.

The first step is to remove the hydration base from the modular formicarium body. Carefully lift and separate the hydration base from the main module.

With the hydration base removed. It’s time to prepare the hydration medium. Sprinkle the medium in the main hydration tray, indicated with a green arrow. Try to avoid putting medium into the zone around the heat cable management, indicated with an orange arrow.

If you are adding a module to another please go to the connecting modules guide here. Else slide the hydration base, under the main module ensuring the cable management arch and the side access hole are together.

We are now ready to align the front and back of the main module with the hydration base corners. Once aligned carefully apply downward pressure to clip the two parts together.

The module should look like this with the main body level on all 4 corners of the hydration base.