AntHUT 1 Module – Bundle

From £9.99 per module

From £9.99 per module Please select your favourite colour and insert.
1 × AntHUT - Insert
1 × AntHUT - Core Module
Optional addons
1 × AntHUT Feeder - Set

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We have kept our personal colonies in these modules: Temnothorax Nylanderi, Pheidole Noda, Lasius Niger, Myrmica Rubra, Manica Rubida, Camponotus Nicobarensis

Hydration can be applied to a single nest, or every other or all. You have control over where the hydration points are to create the desired gradient. The hydration tray is separate to the nest so can be removed for maintenance without opening the nest. Hydration medium is provided and we chose this material as it doesn’t mould so its more set and forget. However, you can use any material in the tray. Like cotton wool etc if you prefer.
The tray also locks the modules together further improving the overall structure.

Heat cable slot ensures the heating cable is held in place while remaining separate to the hydration medium to reduce condensation. It can also be fed through each row like underfloor heating to get full coverage or every other row. Again this gives you control over the heat placement and gradient.

We don’t recommend these nests for species like Solenopsis geminata that can chew through Silicon/PVC like materials. Also, anybody that’s kept them will know they grow insanely quickly and are better suited to large natural setups.

Bundle includes:

1 x AntHUT Module
1 x Selected Insert
1 x Red Acetate
1 x Stopper Set

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