AntHUT – Humidity and Temperature Monitor


AntHUT Humidity and Temperature Monitor

1 × Humidity and temperature monitor stand
1 × Humidity and temperature monitor with AntHUT probe

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In stock

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This is the AntHUT Humidity and Temperature Monitor. It can be used in any free port on the AntHUT Modular Formicarium system, allowing unrivalled placement flexibility.

It has been designed to monitor but not intrude into available module space. You can even add multiple to the same formicarium to monitor changes across the overall system.

The monitor can be free-standing and the probe cable allows excellent placement flexibility. The excess cable can be stowed away as needed.

With a label window allowing you to easily display the ant colony name or expected humidity and temperature ranges. It’s great for a quick check to confirm everything is as it should be. Also, great if you away and someone else is monitoring your Ants colony.

Finally, the temperature probes can also fit any 10mm nest or out world port. Not just AntHUT equipment.


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