Starter Set – AntHUT KISS – Founding test tube setup


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Give your ants a KISS – founding test tube setup. The simplest form of setup for the early stages of a colony. Too many people rush to move ant queens into nests. We believe it’s far easier to manage a new colony within a traditional test tube setup. With this in mind, we have taken the simplest method of the test tube setup but added as much management and ease of maintenance as possible, there’s even space under the test tube to run a heat cable as needed.

This simple solution gives you everything you need to get started and gives you time to decide what the next step is. As well as being the cheapest way to get started. After all, you have plenty of time founding a new colony takes months. You can also easily link two of these test tube setups when its time to do a water change and give your colony the best start possible.

With our 16 x 100mm test tube adaptor, once the time comes you can easily link the test tubes to another AntKISS or attach the test-tube direct to our modular formicarium system or any other nest with traditional tubing.

With this approach too, the old founding test tube can either be reused for another colony. Or as a water/sugar water source linked to an ant nest. No wasted kit to sit in a draw after the colony grows.

In this setup:

1 x 16mm x 100mm test tube

1 x 16mm x 100mm darkness cover

1 x 16mm test tube adaptor

2 x Feeder ports to make the feeding and cleaning of your founding colony easier

Bundle also includes a length of 10OD tubing.


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